About Allyson Shaw


Allyson Shaw lives in York where she brews beer, makes jewelry and writes while trying not to lose her Californian-by-way-of-the-Midwest accent.  An award-winning poet, she is also author of the poetry collection, The Bon-bon and Love Token, a Powell’s poetry best-seller.  Her work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and her poems have been selected for awards by Pulitzer Prize winners John Ashbery and Charles Simic.  Much of her fiction and poetry has appeared in anthologies and literary journals, including the National Gallery Publication Tiger Seen on Shaftsbury Avenue. She has taught writing at Long Beach City College and the University of California, Irvine.  Her story “The Wintering Party” will appear in the upcoming September online issue of Witness.

Allyson Shaw on Goodreads

Her blog about expat life and crafting the dark and strange can be found here: Feral Strumpet Teatime.

Her blog of beer writing is here: Impy Malting.

Praise for Allyson Shaw’s previous book:

“Here Narrative–if elsewhere in disgrace,
dares lift her skirts–she’s armed with talons–
and show her face.
What’s this she hurls with both her fists?
Bonbons from the burning moon
to poison our parents–
not a moment too soon.”

–Rikki Ducornet, author of Gazelle

“…Shaw has a righteous quarrel with the order of things, and at the same time her language displays a tender, eloquent love of this world…”

–Judith Grossman, author of How Aliens Think

“Allyson Shaw renders female experience with the dark wit of Anne Sexton– mixed with the sensual surprise and elegiac glee of Emily Dickinson.”

–Jill Hoffman, author of Mink Coat

One Response to “About Allyson Shaw”

  1. Hi Allyson,

    Enjoying The Desperate Ones. Wild ride!

    I was at Eastercon, too. Launching my first novel, too. Bit of synchronicity there.

    As mine is a science fiction faerie tale, thought you might be interested in a look. Pop me an email and I’ll send over a PDF.


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